Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Cardio Selections

The stairmaster works me over like no other machine and I definitely had room for comparison today. I started out on a stationary bike, moved to the elliptical trainer then took on the stairmaster. I finished up with the treadclimber for a total of 65 minutes of exercise.

After leaving the gym, I prepped my camera to take this photo. Once I hit Market St., I knew that I would see The Arch which is quite the spectacle from Market or from anywhere downtown as a matter of fact.

Don't worry. There were really no cars around except for one many, many car lengths away. Still, I didn't want to linger and that's why I ended up getting STL's version of a leaning tower.

The weather is amazing. This morning the heat was stifling but as I left the gym around 7 p.m., I had my windows down and it felt good. I did a little yard work since yard waste pick-up is tomorrow. During those 25 minutes, I found out that the heat was not completely gone.

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