Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to The Wreck Center

I've been going to different pools for the last week because The Wreck Center has been closed. I heard that one of the lifeguards, upset that his hours had been cut, tampered with the chlorine levels. Hopefully, that was speculation.

Going to a different pool is like going to a different hairstylist. Once, I didn't realize that my stylist would be out of town and I had to go find a substitute because my hair had that unkempt look. The person did an adequate job but the experience and haircut was just not the same.

When I arrived at The Wreck Center, I saw Nick and asked him who would be on duty with him. Nick was flying solo. At first, there were just a few of us.

Then, the kids started to trickle in and it got quite wild. I asked Nick if he wanted me to put the divider up and he agreed. I just didn't want one of the kids to wander into the deep end.

I got in about eight laps before pandemonium ensued. After that, I swam in abbreviated lanes because the kids were all over the place splashing water and such. Even though it was not the ideal environment for swimming, it was nice to be surrounded by familiar faces.

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