Monday, June 22, 2009


I was grateful for my GPS today and don't know if I would have found The Kennedy Recreation Complex without it. Well, I would have found it but it would have been a precarious situation trying to read directions on winding roads.

I went to do reconnaissance. Lap swimming was slated for 5:00 p.m. and right on time, the lifeguard moved a red divider to make a lane. VoilĂ , lap swimming. I thought he would at least put another red divider up but that didn't happen. One lane, albeit a wide one, was set aside for lap swimming.

The Kennedy Complex has an Olympic-size pool which means the lanes are 50 meters instead of 25 so one time down equals one lap. Those Olympic-sized lanes wore me out. I thought I would never reach the end at times. In addition, there were fast swimmers present. This one guy was swimming behind me and caught up to me rather fast. He straight up swam under me and surfaced in front. It was mega-cool and he seemed so at ease in the water.

Before I got in the pool, I walked the perimeter to check out the depth of the pool which has a small deep end section which, at its deepest, is 13 feet.

Overall, the pool is very nice. I also like the area to the side which has a canopy over it and sufficient seating. There were chairs everywhere because, obviously, some people wanted to be out in the sun.

I also like the locker room which is spacious and has low flow showers.

After swimming, I headed to Target and was surprised to see Dannon All Natural Strawberry Yogurt for $1.74 as opposed to $2.32 at Dierbergs. Target, like Dierbergs, only has strawberry and blueberry. It seems that they've stopped selling peach. I hate it when I have to go cold turkey.

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