Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inaugural Outdoor Swim

I went by Marquette Pool this morning to see what was going on because when I went by there on Tuesday, the only water I saw was the dew on the grass even though city pools were slated to open on June 15th. I was delighted to see water this morning.

I gathered my swim gear and headed for the pool immediately after work. To say that the pool was crowded is an understatement but most people were in the shallow end.

In addition to the people in the pool, there were quite a few folks hanging around the gate.

I actually stood by the gate for quite awhile trying to decide if I should just go to afternoon swim in Mehlville. I began to see little strips of spots to swim. I also had my eye on the deep end -- the perfect spot for laps. But how deep was the water? I definitely need to work on my treading skills and depth won't be an issue.

I asked where the locker room was after someone told me that I could not go in the gym which was not my intended destination anyway. After I changed, I came out and was greeted by Dana who is usually at The Wreck Center. I cannot tell you how nice it was to see a familiar face. Dana said that she had been trying to get my attention but I had been so deep in thought that I hadn't heard her.

She asked me if I was going to do laps in the deep end and that sealed the deal. I got in the water and was surprised by the coolness. It was 97 degrees outside but the sun hadn't had a chance to work its magic yet.

I was in the pool for about two minutes when a fight broke out. Everyone had to get out of the pool as security and the lifeguards tried to break it up.

After the fight, the lifeguards never returned to the deep end. I swam for a little bit longer but didn't stay in the shallow end long; there was too much activity and not enough space. I didn't bother to change clothes. As I was leaving, I saw Paris, a lifeguard from The Wohl Center. It was nice to see him as well.

The swimming pool is wonderfully situated. The trees are a nice backdrop and it was amazing doing the back crawl while looking at the clouds and clear sky.

It was sad, though, that the opening of the pool was marred by violence. Those kids would be better served by taking the free swimming lessons that Marquette offers or taking that aggression into, at least, a boxing ring.

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