Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prepared to Work Out

I said that once my contract was up with my current gym that I would check out other fitness clubs. My contract expired a month ago and I've been quite lackadaisical about it all.

I saw an advertisement for a fitness club downtown which promised 30 days free with no hassles. Promises, promises.

My cousin and I met up downtown this morning and we ended up taking a self-guided tour since there was only one person at the desk.

I was prepared to work out today because most fitness clubs start your free trial on the day you walk into their facility.

As I was at the front desk, I noticed an interesting machine. It was a treadmill but, wait, it wasn't. I instantly knew what I was going to tackle today.

Introducing the TreadClimber:

I guzzled two cups of water in record time. I did 45 minutes but, don't fret, I also did the five minute demo and because I like to do at least an hour of cardio, I hit a stationary bike afterwards where I watched a bit of Celebrity Fit Club 3 -- the one with Tempestt Bledsoe, Chastity Bono and Countess Vaughn.

As usual, because I don't frequent downtown, I enjoyed the scenery and architecture and resisted the urge to go to MacroSun.

I listened to Nina Simone while I did my little tour and it was a glorious concert. I decided to drive by the riverfront since I was in the vicinity.

It turned out to be a relaxing morning despite the fact that I have work on my mind. I actually entered my work address as the lock code at the fitness club and used the same address earlier when I was punching in directions.

Since I was taking the long way home, I stopped by a car wash to get some of the debris out of my car. I found 1/4 of a South Beach Diet bar that I had lost long time ago. I wish that I had looked harder the first time around.

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