Monday, June 8, 2009

All Eyes On Me

I went to The Wreck Center and one of the staff members asked me if I had come to swim. Open swim is over with but you can participate in senior aerobics.

Just how did I get out of the loop? And, no, I had no desire, nada, none to do water aerobics. To add insult to injury, one of the girls who attends swimming lessons piped in we already swam. I could see evidence of the pool as she had little droplets in her hair and on her face. As I was talking to them, Dana waved from the office and told me that she had been waiting for me. She would let me swim since the time had changed abruptly.

I went to the locker room, changed then waited. I saw the sunlight beaming through the windows and I saw the still water; paradise was within reach. I waited and wondered what had delayed Dana.

I finally gained entrance. Dana opened the back door and all of the windows. I had the pool all to myself. After Dana finished her tasks, I was outdone that she chose the highest poolside chair. Are you kidding me? The chairs are so odd and ancient. And I? I felt completely self-conscious. I felt as if Dana was a hawk waiting to swoop down.

I didn’t even want to do the front crawl because, in all honesty, I feel like this little girl has breathing down better than I do.

I felt as if I was taking a final exam and that Dana would be grading my performance. I know that she’s seen me struggle with the front crawl and I know what she expects from the kids. Finally, my arms started aching from relying on the back crawl and sidestroke so I switched up and did the front crawl for awhile.

I try not to get frustrated about this whole FC thing. After all, it hasn’t even been a year since I took my first class and I know that frustration won't help my cause.

As it was nearing 6 p.m., I headed in Dana’s direction so that I could put the divider up. She asked me a few questions about my breathing pattern and offered a few tips. She suggested that I slow down and not take my breath too fast as I turn to the side to breathe. I was looking up at her in that high chair and hanging on to every word.

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