Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Drea Can Jump

Last Sunday as I was headed to my temporary fitness club, I saw some guys playing basketball. It was early so there was not a crowd. I got an urge to shoot some hoops so I set out to find my basketball and I hit the jackpot when I found not only my basketball but my air pump and needles as well. I discovered that the pump was broken which was not a problem since it was worth it to me to invest in a new one.

I got to the court and there was no one shooting hoops. Perfect. I discovered that my ancient ball has seen better days. The b'ball kept enough air for me to shoot around for awhile then I headed to the fitness club.

I took on the treadclimber, a stationary bike and treadmill. I did a fitness test on the treadmill which was pretty cool. I got kicked off two minutes before my test was over because, according to the Star Trac, my heart rate was too elevated for a certain span of time.

I'm still digging the downtown vibe but what's up with the ferris wheel and giant grasshopper on top of the building?

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