Monday, June 29, 2009

No Pool Left Behind

In an effort to leave no pool behind, I went to the Maplewood Family Aquatic Center. In order to be admitted to the pool, you have to be a resident or be accompanied by one.

The price of admission is $6.00 for nonresidents -- $2 dollars more than The Kennedy Recreation Complex and $6 dollars more than the city pools. It would almost be better to pay the fee at The Heights which is $7 dollars since you're able to use the pool, sauna, hot tub and cardio equipment etc. In addition, you can leave and reenter The Heights if you get your hand stamped.

I went to the MFAC because I didn't want to deal with the city pool and I didn't want to jockey for position in the sole lap lane at Kennedy.

I was surprised to see that Maplewood has an Olympic size pool as well. They also have a nice area for the kids.

The Olympic lanes seem infinite. It took about an hour and a half but I got in 20 laps. I like the fact that there are two lanes devoted to lap swimmers. I was amazed by the man who did the front crawl forever and ever and by the toddler who jumped off the diving board. His father, who was sitting on the sideline, had complete confidence in his son's ability to jump and tread and make it back to the edge of the pool.

While I was doing the back crawl, I spotted a bird in a holding pattern. It was so cool; we were both gliding but the bird was far more graceful.

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