Monday, August 10, 2009

All Over The Wall

It was an eventful weekend on the fitness front. On Saturday, I went rock climbing and I swam. On Sunday, I went bicycling for about 17 miles then I went and tried out lake swimming. It's safe to say that I prefer being in the pool with lanes, black lines, clear water and the depth clearly marked.

Today, I went rock climbing again. I'm getting better. I don't try to maintain a death grip on the wall. I reach for holds that I might not have tried to reach for before and, overall, I feel more confident when climbing.

I still have my awkward moments. My climbing commands are backwards. I'm not a smooth belayer. I was pulling someone up the wall as opposed to letting them climb. And when I climb? My goal is to get up the wall and I don't necessarily follow the green or blue route. I take the rainbow route which is a nice way of saying I'm all over the wall but at least I head in the right direction.

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