Saturday, August 22, 2009

Move To Mongolia?

I was feeling completely lethargic today and wondered whether or not I should exercise. I've become quite the pushing specialist and decided I wanted to give swimming a try despite my lack of energy. Even if I couldn't manage a single lap, I thought it would be beneficial to float.

I watched this woman march down the pool doing the front crawl. She was doing bilateral breathing every three strokes like clockwork.

For the most part, I practiced the front crawl; I am, hallelujah, able to make it further down the lane. I watched this Natalie Coughlin video for more tips.

Since I was able to get in 17 laps, I'm going to assume that my lethargy is more connected to my emotional state right now -- seeing that I want to drop everything and move to Mongolia and be a reindeer herder and all.

The Threat To Reindeer Herders

On another note, I had no idea that people actually drink reindeer milk. Then again, my grandmother and her siblings used to capture blackbirds and eat them. I forgot to ask g'ma if the birds tasted like chicken.

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