Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beats Per Minute

There's nothing quite as disappointing as getting ready to exercise and your MP3 player won't turn on even though the battery symbol is indicating that there should be enough juice for many songs to play.

There have been several articles published lately to verify that music does help you through your workout and, as long as it's music that you enjoy, the tempo doesn't matter.

Personally, I like up-tempo music when fatigue sets in and I'm trying to get over the workout hump.

Here are the beats per minute for some of my favorite "gut it out" songs.

  • 125 BPM: Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

  • 134 BPM: Easy Lover, Philip Bailey & Phil Collins

  • 130 BPM: Flashlight, Parliament Funkadelic

  • 119 BPM: I'm Every Woman, Chaka Khan

  • 120 BPM: It's A New Day,

  • 124 BPM: Miss Me Blind, Culture Club

  • 120 BPM: Now That We Found Love, Heavy D & The Boys

  • 123 BPM: Please Don't Stop The Music, Rihanna

  • 115 BPM: Say, Say, Say, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

  • 145 BPM: Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics

  • Of course, if the music does stop playing, I exercise unplugged...

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