Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People Unplugged

There have been some peculiar incidents in the fitness world.

A Rolla, Mo professor was killed while biking.

Bike Crash Kills Rolla Professor

One commenter on the story, SpyderWeb, had mixed emotions:

Clearly, biking and exercise are hazardous to your health...? Stay home, avoid exercise, eat nuts and forever?
A woman from St. Louis was struck by lightning while bicycling.

STL Cyclist Recovers From Lightning Strike

I love that the article reports that she'll be able to compete in the Ironman triathlon later this month.

And, of course, the really sad news is about the man that opened fire in an LA Fitness club.

Police: Gym Shooter 'had a lot of hatred' For Women, Society

You just never know...

I went bicycling today and it was so cool to see people unplugged -- reading a book while laying on a blanket, throwing a Frisbee to a dog and just sitting on the park bench watching swans and whatnot.

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