Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comic Strip Relief

The sign of a true jones -- when you'll actually jump through hoops for the object of your affection.

Maybe Lola has the right idea about doing a little inspired cardio before decadence. Some folks also advise to just go for a walk etc. before indulging in something you may not need or really want.

Courtesy of the July/August Fitness magazine, here are some ice cream statistics:

  • 1896

  • Year the first ice-cream cone was produced

  • 23

  • Billions of dollars in annual ice cream and frozen dessert sales in the U.S.

  • 273

  • Calories in one cup vanilla ice cream

  • 380

  • Calories in one cup cookie-dough ice cream

  • 45

  • Minutes you'd have to bike to burn off that cookie-dough ice cream

  • 21

  • Quarts of ice cream the average person eats per year

  • 301

  • Number of runners at last year's Walnut Beach Festival Ice Cream Run 5K in Milford, Connecticut (free cones for all!)

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