Saturday, August 15, 2009

22,000 Subways

So what does this economy taste like? caught my attention and I found myself watching Nightline on Thursday.

I've heard that McDonald's (Recession Diet) is doing banner business during this economy and it looks like Subway, with some 22,000 strong franchises, is not far behind.

The journalist believes that the advertising campaign and the store's ability to use small storefronts is significant to their success. Subway's C.E.O. also credits Jared Fogle's phenomenal weight loss story as a Subway success factor.

On the advertisement front, Subway does have some clever ads as does McDonald's.

I've seen this ad in Shape magazine several times and it always moves me. McDonald's got rid of its supersize fries after Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me hit theatres but the supersize concept is a hard one to shake.

Jared showed off his fat pants in the interview. I have my own version -- some black Ralph Lauren pants that I plan to keep. Those pants were a sweet find at $20 dollars but I want to keep them as reminder of how I arrived at plus-size in the first place. As I've been advised, I will get rid of the remainder of my ill-fitting clothing because I don't want to it to be convenient for me to wear my larger clothes again.

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