Saturday, August 29, 2009


Not since I was in boot camp i.e. swimming class with my most excellent teacher, Jim, have I been able to swim the front crawl for 25 meters without stopping; It took me about seven months but I was finally able to do it again.

I consciously relaxed, slowed down and concentrated on rotating cleanly.

I struggled as I got near the shallow end and I was practically gurgling but I did not stop. I made it. Twice.

On another note, my g'ma is breathing better. Not as rapidly. Oxygen saturation is good.

It's amazing the things that you take for granted.

There used to be an art therapist at my job and she had a Breathe sign in her office and I was drawn to its uncomplicated directive.

Lately, all I do is think about breathing for one reason or another.

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